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Power, Steel, Mining Industry

Services We Cater For Power, Steel, Mining Industry

Automation has become a key phenomenon in the power,steel and mining industry.A focus on Energy consumption,product quality and increased environment safety norms has become vital.Energy prices are increasing pressure on cost.

Smoothflowmeters can supply Liquid and Gas Turbine meters,Positive Displacement flow meters for oils,water,natural gas,oxygen,argon,nitrogen,air and CO2. LPG and natural gas trains,natural gas transportation and distribution skids will optimize the energy costs and increase plant profitability.

Flow meters and valves for fossil fuel plants,co gen plants,hydroelectric and wind power plants can be supplied.Be it a steel plant,aluminium or copper plant,Smoothflowmeters automation will reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Water,Steam systems,Cooling water systems,Desulphurization,Desalination,Burner management,Raw water and Lubrication circuits will find applications for our products and systems.

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