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Oil and Gas

Services We Cater For Oil And Gas

From crude oil and Gas exploration to oil and gas Production or transportation,instrumentation plays key roles.Onshore petroleum refining,Refined products Transportation,Petroleum Marketing and Distribution need different types of Flowmeters,Regulators and valves.

Liquid and gas Turbine meters,Twin lobe and Gear type Positive displacement meters,Screw type and RPD type positive displacement flow meters are suitable for various Offshore and Onshore applications such as crude oil,Gasolene,diesel,petroderivatives,natural gas ,LPG,refined products,hydrocarbons,acid gas,air ammonia,argon,butane,H2S,SO2, Hydrogen,methane,Co2,CO etc.

Smoothflowmeter products and services are available for custody transfer of oil and gas in loading/ unloading,Domestic gas metering and Gas transmission and distribution skids.We also have expertise in selection and supply of high pressure natural gas control valves on natural gas compressor and separator application.

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