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Services We Cater For Tanker Unloading System for Diesel and Solvents

Introduction :

In a Pharmaceutical,Food,Chemical,Power Plant and Building Automation industries,various fuels including diesel,chemicals and solvents are unloaded from the truck tankers into the underground storage tanks.These fluids are then used in the plant as and when required .Measurement and Monitoring of the exact quantities unloaded from the truck tankers is essential to keep the inventory records.

Application :

The diesel,solvents or chemicals are transferred from truck tankers of various capacities e.g. 20000 ltrs.into the underground tanks.The transfer can be through gravity or by a pump.There is a need to measure the unloaded liquid precisely to avoid possible thefts of these costly utilities and also to cross ckeck inventory and short supply.

Solution :

Smoothflowmeters supply Positive displacement type or Turbine type flow measuring tanker unloading skid which consists of inlet and outlet ball valves,Gas separator with built in filter and Air Eliminator,Accurate liquid flowmeter and interconnecting piping mounted on the skid or trolley.The system can be explosion proof with the Flowmeter having Weights and measure approval for Custody transfer.

Advantages :

  • Highly accurate syatem with accuracy of better than + or – 0.5% with high repeatability and turndown.

  • Explosion proof system.

  • Skid mounted system fully piped and ready to install.

  • Easy to operate and user friendly.

  • Automatic Pump control.

  • Centrifugal Gas separator to remove trapped gas/ air for high accurate measurement.

  • Weights and Measure Approval for custody transfer.

  • Tamper proof Electronic Indicator cum Totalizer.

  • Tanker truck delivery by gravity or pump.

  • Positive Displacement flow meter with high accuracy and repeatability,no flow conditioning is required, low friction and pressure loss,long life with low maintenance,low total cost of ownership,long term accuracy without recalibration,accuracy unaffected by flow turbulances,teflon coated internals for corrosive services.

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