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Kracht a medium sized,family run business,is a globally active company with over 300 employees working at the Werdohl based head office in Germany and another 85 members of staff in China,USA and Hungary.

As a manufacturer of transfer pumps,hydraulic motors,high pressure gear pumps,valves,pumps units,flow meters and electronics,Kracht attach great importance to quality and to satisfy all customers requirement.

Whether it is a standard or special solution,Kracht will be there.Kracht is your competent business associates for Hydraulic technology.

Flow measurement that means high dynamic ,precise volume and flow measurements,evaluated according to the application from a simple display to an intelligent microcontroller solution.

The basis of all this is Kracht volume counter.This flow measurement product presents the successful result of our long experienced engineers.The sophisticated tooth system geometry in connection with application specific bearings are made for the volume counter being an absolute All Rounder.

The volume counter covers a wide medium range to go from hydraulic oil to printing ink,from gear grease to water based laquer.

The highly efficient KRACHT electronics takes the signals given by the volume counter and ensures that processes are exactly monitored,regulated and controlled.For example,in process technology as micro controller for metering and mixing systems,or as flexible measuring and recording electronics for different applications in test bench technology. Kracht know how warrants functional solutions,standardized and optimal for many applications.

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