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ENA Loading and Monitoring Systems

SOLVANT / ETHANOL / ALCOHOL Loading and Monitoring Systems

A turbine flow meter is a volumetric metering the meter consists of a rotor and bearing assembly Suspended on a shaft, which is mounted to a support device.This assembly is mounted inside a housing of a calibrated internal diameter. As fluid passes through the flow meter housing, the rotor will spin at a rate proportional to the volume of liquid passing through the housing. A magnetic or modulated pick-off sensor is used to detect the passage of each rotor blade and generate a frequency output. The frequency output can be read directly with the end users electronics or further processed to convert to a linear analog flow Rate output.


  • High accuracy of better than +/- 0.5%.High repeatability and turn down ratios.

  • Mass measurement of Alcohol with Temperature compensation by means of RTD.

  • Ex proof system.

  • Weights and Measure approval. (Support to get local authority stamping for weights and measure shall be provided as and when required).

  • Skid mounted systems fully piped and ready for installation can be supplied.

  • Horizontal or vertical ethanol measuring skids.

  • Easy to operate by means of user friendly buttons.

  • Start / Stop push buttons facility to the operator for easy control.

  • Password protected auto mode. Total quantity can be viewed at the end of the day. One batch controller can operate three measuring systems. Reliable, Accurate and Rugged Ex Proof batch Controller. System can be supplied with Smart or Digital valve positioner with control valve for higher accuracy ,faster response, fail safe operation, Advance Diagnostic features, digital indication and PLC/ DCS connectivity.

  • Turbine flow meters with high rangeability of 1:10,no flow conditioning required, Bidirectional flow measurement, less friction and pressure loss, long life with low maintenance, low total cost of ownership,


In a sugar Mill, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), and other alcohol products are generated in the Distillery section. The alcohols are further sent to the respective end user in a Refinery, chemical or Pharma unit for further use. Custody transfer of alcohol after production becomes mandatory.


We at Smooth Flowmeters, can supply complete Flow Measurement System for ENA / Alcohol suitable for custody transfer of product into truck tanker or drums. The system consists of Strainer cum Air Eliminator, Positive displacement or Turbine flow meter, Digital / Pneumatic control valve, Batch controller and interconnecting piping. The required batch can be set on the batch controller and it will automatically cut off the flow once batch is complete by closing the valve installed after the flowmeter


The Alcohol produced in the distillery needs to be transported from the alcohol storage tanks into the mobile tankers or drums with safe and accurately measured way. The distillery will bill the Alcohol supplied to the end user. Hence there is a need of safe and accurate flow measurement system which will transfer ENA /Alcohol to the tankers or drums. The whole system should be Ex proof and under control of the operator. Further use. Custody transfer of alcohol after production becomes mandatory.

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