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Services We Cater For Chemical Industry

In our day to day life,we use and come into contact of various chemicals used in footwear,automobiles,perfumes,food and agro chemicals,adhesives,colours,paints,plastics, Soaps and detergents etc.Chemical industry today faces challenges in handling various applications in the plant.

Smoothflowmeters have flow measurement and control solutions for all categories of chemical industry from organic chemicals,chlor alkali,pesticides,dyes and dyestuffs,speciality chemicals,alcohol based chemicals to polymers and petro chemicals.

Liquid and Gas turbine meters,positive displacement meters,Nitrogen blanketing regulators,LPG and natural gas trains,special control valves for lethal service applications can be supplied by us.Systems and Products are delivered for steam,air,nitrogen,hot and cold water,LPG,natural gas,diesel,alcohols,solvents,paints,acids,dyes,additives etc.

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