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Services We Cater For Food Industry

Every new consumer demands and tastes, price constraints,competition and quality regulations have put food and food processing industry today in a challenging world.With Products having low cost of ownerships and correct automation,food processing companies can enhance product quality and profitability.

Today food industry is diversified into Fruits and vegetables processing,Fisheries,Meat and Poultry,Milk and dairy,Grains and Cereals,Beverages,Chocolates and Confectionery to Plantations and Floriculture segments.

Smoothflowmeters have products and solutions such as Positive displacement flowmeters for oil and gas,Nitrogen blanketing regulators,Gas trains,valves for CIP and Food grade applications with Sanitary end connections and Flow metering systems for Ethanol,ENA custody transfer applications.

We have experience in food industry applications which include sugar solutions,syrups,oils,sauces,beverages,honey,molasses,milk,juices,steam,hot and cold water,ketchup,vinegar,DM water,beer ,air ,diesel,nitogen,LPG,natural gas,boiler feed water and many more.

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