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Services We Cater For Solvent Batching System in a Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction :

Pharmaceuticals are manufactured in two stages,Primary and Secondary.In primary processing, Extraction and production of active ingredient from its source is done through organic sysnthesis,biological processing ,extraction of animal and vegetable substances and inorganic chemical preparation.Organic chemical synthesis reactions involve mixing of raw materials and transference into batch reactors.Solvents are added in various batches.The batch control of organic solvents involve precise batching and flow monitoring system.

Application :

Various organic and inorganic solvents are pumped or delivered through gravity into the reactors.These solvents are Toluene,Methanol,Acetone,Butyl acetate,Dimethyl formamide benzene,Ethyl benzene,ketones,Ethanol,Isopropanol,Isobutanol,Pyridine, Dichloromethane,Carbon tetrachloride,Fluorobenzene,1-2 dichloro ethane etc. The piping and material of construction is generally of stainless steel.Flow measurement and batching of solvents into the reactors is required to be done automatically and accurately.

Solution :

Smoothflowmeters can supply complete solvent batching system as per your plant requirement.The system involves,Strainer,Positive Displacement Flowmeter,Batch controller,control or on/ off valve and interconnecting piping.The MOC of the items and piping is of stainless steel.The complete system is explosion proof for use in hazardous areas.The required batch can be set on the batch controller and it will automatically cut off the solvent flow once the batch is complete by closing the control or on / off valve.

Advantages :

  • High accuracy of better than +/- 0.5%.High rangeability and Turndown.

  • Explosion proof system.

  • Skid mounted system fully piped and ready to install can be supplied.

  • Easy to operate by means of user friendly buttons.

  • Start stop push button facility for the operator for easy control.

  • Password protected auto mode.Automatic pump control.

  • System can be supplied with Smart or digital valve positioner with control valve for higher accuracy,faster response,fail safe operation,advance diagnostic features,digital indication and connectivity to PLC /DCS.

  • Piping,flow meters,filters,valves in stainless steel MOC.

  • Positive displacement flow meters with high rangeability of 1:20,no flow conditioning required,bi directional flow measurement,less friction and pressure loss, long life with low maintenance,low total cost of ownership, long term accuracy without recalibration, accuracy unaffected by flow turbulances, teflon coated internals for corrosive services.


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