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“SIGNAL“ – the beginning.
Group of companies “SIGNAL“ – a modern industrial complex with full technological cycle, including development, production and sales.

Currently, LLC EPO “Signal” manufactures products in three areas: aviation and aerospace equipment, general industrial equipment, gas and heating equipment.



EPO “Signal” is associated with the emergence and development of domestic aircraft instrument. In 1918 he built the first factory for the creation of aircraft instruments, called “Aviapribor.” The main objective of the company was to create a product that can compete with experienced American and European firms.

Flow measurement that means high dynamic ,precise volume and flow measurements,evaluated according to the application from a simple display to an intelligent microcontroller solution.

In 1924 began mass production of devices. After 7 years’ Aviapribor “produced from 80 to 100% of all aircraft instruments produced in the country.

The Great Patriotic War has made adjustments to the location of the enterprise. To ensure the security of important military-industrial enterprises in wartime conditions, it was decided to transfer the plant. October 23, 1941 he was evacuated to the city of Engels, Saratov region.

Independent company actually was July 1, 1951. This date is considered the birthday Ltd. EPO “Signal”.

The road into space.

Today consumers EPO “Signal” direction of the instrument are all, without exception, Aircraft Production Association in Russia and CIS countries. High quality and precision manufactured components has enabled us to cosmic level from the beginning of development of the industry.

Changing business environment, market conditions, legislation, there is a change in the company: expanding production, mastered production of new products, new divisions and subsidiaries. Following the external variables changing ourselves.

In 1991, the largest enterprise in the Saratov region is heading for a new trend of development and production. The plant, which is almost half a century working for Air and Space began to master the production of gas production, which now competes in the Russian market.

On the market for domestic and industrial gas equipment “Signal” is one of the largest developers and manufacturers, has three basic objectives:

  • Gas-regulating equipment.

  • Measuring gas equipment.

  • Heating gas equipment.

Huge selection and high quality finished products allow us to maintain our leading position in this area and to cooperate with such large companies to supply gas as “Gazprom”. In 2012, the company participated in the implementation of projects of “Gazprom” for the supply of equipment for the construction of gas pipeline in the Nizhny Novgorod region, projects of “GazpromGazoraspredelenie” to supply equipment for Leningrad, Astrakhan, Orenburg, Arkhangelsk and other regions.

“Signal” today. 

1) 2006 – acquisition of the Moscow factory “Gauge”. (Reference is made in reference to the continuation of a text
from Word 2006) In 2006, for his contribution to the socio-economic development of the region LLC EPO
“Signal” is listed on the honor roll of the Saratov region.

2) 2007 – EPO “Signal” to join the club of billionaires.

3) 2008 – Winning the regional competition “Saratov Brand – 2008”.

4) 2009 – of EPO “Signal” is launching device group Sapphire.

5) In 2010, the “Signal” is recognized as an industry leader.

6) 2011 – thanks to the President of the Russian Federation.

7) 2012 – EPO “Signal” joined the International Association “Union of Aero Engines” and of public sector employers’
association “Russian Engineering Union”.

8) 2013 – “Signal” has successfully implemented a major contract with the Uzbek company JSC “Uztransgaz” of

9) 2014 – EPO “Signal” supplied equipment Indian corporation Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.


Our Projects

Currently, the company EPO “Signal” is carried out a number of new product development and modernization of production samples:

1. High-precision absolute pressure sensor APT and APT-S.
2. Adaptive sensors series DDA-VT.
3. The pressure sensors with protection type amplifier IPIDMZU.
4. The gauge pressure 2dd-CMS.
5. Gauge pressure transmitters DMP-AT.

The enterprise fully formed strong technical base: own foundry, machining and electroplating production, manufacture of protective coatings, tools and mechanized equipment, assembly-line installation work on production of aviation and rocket-space direction, gauges, instruments for general-purpose products Regulating directions, industrial and domestic flowmeter.

The process of updating and modernizing industrial and technological base of the enterprise is not in place. For the year 2012 on the development of the production has been invested 35 million. Rubles. The main direction of investment is technical upgrading production capacity in order to increase productivity, technological production, development of new types of products. At the factory has its own design office, whose activities including aims to develop new types of devices, upgrading serially-manufactured products, in order to improve its consumer properties, meet new market demands. In this area, work is underway in nearly all types of activity.

Production Regulating directions, industrial and domestic flowmeter, products of aviation and aerospace areas, devices for general industrial use. During the restructuring and modernization of production “Signal” is acquired and established several subsidiaries.

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