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Integral mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

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Direct measurement of mass, volume, flow rate density

Measurement environment: liquids , food liquids , viscous liquid , aggressive liquid , gases


U-type integral Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

Standard enclosure type of the Coriolis mass flowmeter. It is modern and relevant measurement solutions. Installation of U-type flowmeter is carried out if there is enough space for it. The simple flowmeter design reduces its cost and makes it cheaper than other flowmeter types.

The installation of Integral type EMIS-MASS 260 is simple and requires low financial expenses and labor costs. But such flowmeter cannot operate at high mediums temperature.Medium temperature: -60°С … 100°С


  • Gas

  • Upstream oil

  • Petrochemical industries

  • Transportation and storage of petroleum products

  • Chemical oil

Features & Benefits of U-type integral Coriolis mass flowmeter

  • Simple installation;

  • Cheaper comparing to other versions

  • Remote data communication, configuration, testing through RS-485 Modbus RTU

  • Direct and reverse flow measurement mode;

  • Measurement of two-phase liquids;

  • High accuracy;

  • Stainless steel flow tube provides the application of the flowmeter for measurement corrosive mediums;

  • Can be used as the density meter to measure density and viscosity;

  • Short repay period of the flowmeters.

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