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Vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200

Smart vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200. Stable operation with contaminated liquids under high temperature and pressure conditions. Measured medium: liquids, food grade liquids, steam, gas.

Measurement environment: liquids , food liquids , steam , gases


The vortex flowmeters are used for measuring compressed air, associated petroleum gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, superheated and saturated steam, water-oil mixture, non-conductive, contaminated and corrosive liquids viscosity of up to 7 mPa*s, water and heat carriers in heating systems, cold and hot running water. Mostly, it is used to measure the flow rate of oil water and low viscosity petroleum products. The vortex flowmeter is suitable for discharge water metering. Stable operation is ensured by:

  • Stability of measurement accuracy when changing process parameters;

  • Resistant to water hammer

  • Absence of moving parts

  • Stable operation under high temperature

  • Low pressure loss compared to reducers

  • Sensor signal filtration through several digital filters

EMIS vortex flowmeter

The flowmeter does not require periodic calibration, the diagnostic and units replacement can be performed without device dismantling. Before shipment all flowmeters are calibrated on verification facilities. Remote data transmission, adjustment and calibration via RS-485 within Modbus RTU protocol reduce maintenance costs. The flowmeter has wide dynamic range of measurement; the major advantage is configuration with integral cone-shape reducers.

Vortex flowmeter for steam, gas, liquid

High metrological stability of measurement allows to use gas and steam vortex flowmeter for commercial metering as part of heat and steam complexes:

  • metering of saturated and superheated steam

  • metering of associated petroleum gas

  • metering of natural gas

After placing an order for any device, we provide you with design and engineering support for metering systems and as well as an individual selection. Our engineers offer standard or special modifications of flowmeters according to customer requirements and the operating conditions. Devices are available in several modifications, which means that flowmeters are universal and can be used in various fields of industry. For order please fill in the questionnaire on the web-site. The price of vortex flowmeter for steam, gas and liquid metering depends on modification and supply scope. Highly qualified specialists will help you to choose flowmeter, consult and answer any questions.


The vortex flowmeters EMIS-VIHR 200 are applied to measure the flow rate of gas, steam and liquid. The application of flowmeters is mostly effective if:

  • the flow of steam or gas contains considerable amount of liquid.

  • gas in the pipeline contains solid mechanical inclusions, and the installation of a filter is not allowed or economically unprofitable.

  • It is essential to provide maximum security for high temperature and corrosive mediums.

  • The parameters of process flow, pressure, temperature, density can change,even abruptly, while measurement.


Vortex flowmeter common tasks:

  • Fiscal metering of steam in the boiler houses or process control

  • Fiscal metering of natural gas in the large industrial facilities

  • Compressor performance monitoring and pressure air consumption record

  • Flow measurement of commercial industrial gas

  • Burner rate measurement

  • Liquid flow for process control

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